Although Mac is one of the most popular operating systems, some programs can only be used with Windows. So if you are using a Mac and want to use one of these Windows based programs then you don’t have to worry because Windows can work on a Mac too. After installing Windows on your Mac, you can even play Windows PC games on your Mac with a friend. We have mentioned below the ways to run Windows 10 on Mac.

Ways to Run Windows 10 on Mac


Every Intel-based MacBook Pro comes with Bootcamp, although most users won’t even notice it when using their laptop🇧🇷 Search for “Bootcamp” in Spotlight to find it; should appear immediately. You must perform a few simple actions to install Windows 10 on your MacBook Pro using BootCamp:

virtual machines

If you have a MacBook Pro with an M1 or M2 processor, your only option is to install Windows 10 in a virtual machine. Alternatively, a virtual machine is a smart choice if restarting your Intel MacBook Pro to transition between Windows 10 and macOS doesn’t appeal to you. The main virtual machine programs are Parallels Desktop for Mac and VMWare Fusion, which offer essentially the same functionality with some minor variations (like display resolution or Quick Look support). A similar setup to Bootcamp is required to utilize a virtual machine, although the procedure differs based on the chosen software.

Final Words

That’s it with our article on how to Run Windows 10 on Mac. While still technically feasible, running Windows on a Mac these days only really works on an Intel-powered Mac. Theoretically, Windows could run on a Mac using Apple’s M1 chip, but that would just be the ARM version of Windows, which isn’t widely accessible and doesn’t support many Windows programs.

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