How to Safely Remove a Drive on Windows 10 – Guide

We all know that person who annoyingly reminds you to use “safely remove hardware” before unplugging the USB drive. They shouldn’t bother you anymore. Have you connected an external hard drive to your Windows 10 computer and want to safely remove it so that the data on it doesn’t get corrupted? Do you work with USB sticks and need to eject them safely? If so, you’ve come to the right place, because this guide shows five ways to eject Windows 10 external storage devices:

How to safely remove USB drive in Windows 10?

This article will help you safely remove external hard drives from your Windows 10 system. This can be achieved in the following three ways,

1. Activate the Feature Quick Removal:

To safely remove USB drive in Windows 10, you can enable quick removal feature on your Windows computer. It’s a Windows service that formats your flash drive for no-eject removal, so you can unplug the flash drive when you’re done. If you want to check if weather recording cache is enabled on your external removal drive then follow below mentioned steps, After that, you can safely remove USB drive from Windows 10 computer.

2. Using taskbar notification areas:

The easiest way to eject the device is to use the notification area on the desktop taskbar. See How to do this. Then a message will appear saying Safe to Remove Hardware; means that the USB storage device can be removed from the computer. Then you can gently remove the drive from the computer.

3. Use the program from this PC:

Until we’ve discussed it, while you’re using a USB flash drive, you won’t be able to pull it out directly from your system; you may lose data. You can also use this PC feature on your computer to eject the external drive as follows.

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