How to Save Articles to Read Later in Safari for Mac or iPhone/iPad – Guide

Great articles are just a few clicks away in the Safari browser for Mac. But who has time to read all those articles? Safari’s built-in reading list tool lets you save articles for later viewing. Even better, you can continue reading these articles on other Apple devices, including iPhone and iPad. Apple’s native reading list solution is convenient and easy to use. The tool is ideal for those who only use Apple products as it is already built into Safari for iPhone, iPad and Mac. However, it is less useful if you use Mac and Windows products, for example, or iPhones and Android-based devices, as it is not yet available on non-Apple devices. A great alternative is the free Pocket app. There’s also the option to sync all your reading list items across your macOS and iOS devices for offline reading. I personally use this pure feature catch up on all my favorite items at my own pace. Adding an article to your reading list keeps it accessible to you in Safari, which can be very useful if you want to stop reading something and come back to it later. Since so many changes have been made to Safari in iOS 15, we’re going to show you a new way to add articles to a Safari reading list.

Using Reading List on Mac

Save Articles to Reading List on iPhone/iPad

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