How to Save Instagram Videos and Photos on Phones – Guide

Instagram is used by a huge number of customers these days and consistently, a huge number of photos and videos are posted on Instagram. Some of the posts are surprising to the point that you quickly take a screenshot to share, but what can be said about videos? You can’t do the same with videos due to some Instagram limitations. Either way, many individuals may not have a clue how to download Instagram photos if you are among them, you are on the spot because in this article you will find out how to download Instagram videos.

How to Save Instagram photos and videos to Phones

Save Instagram photos via Instastagetter

This utility app allows you to conveniently download images and videos from Instagram feeds as long as they are public profiles. Videos can also be played using the app’s built-in video player. here are the steps how to install Instagetter.

Save Instagram photos via InstaSave

This app has gained a lot of popularity and is usually the first option for those who want to save Instagram photos on Android phone. It works very fast and easy with its simple interface. This app can be downloaded for free, but some features are available upon purchase. Here are the steps to download InstaSave.

Save Instagram photos via Easy Downloader

Most of these utility apps are pretty straightforward, which makes them easy to use, but perhaps the easiest app to use is Easy Downloader. They live up their names. This app will allow you to save Instagram photos and videos as long as your profiles are public. If you want to try this app, here are the ways to install it.

Download Instagram photos via GB Instagram for Android

Some tech bloggers call this the best way to download Instagram photos to your Android phone. This highly recommended has received good reviews due to the variety of features offers. It not only helps users to download photos or videos, but also stories and comments. He even added features like zooming in on any photo in profiles or feeds, and a sneaky feature that hides that you’ve watched a video. If you want to maximize the enjoyment of what Instagram has to offer, this app takes the cake. So how do you download this amazing app? Here are steps to help you do that.

Saving your own photos on your Android phoneGallery of

We know this is automatic. But some of us, during the process of getting to know the app, snoop around buttons we regret poking afterward. Instagram autosave feature may be turned off, either intentionally or for some of us accidentally. This one feature creates an Instagram album in your Gallery and automatically saves the photos you upload to Instagram. It helps you to create an offline feed on your phone, basically. So here are the steps how to check your autosave feature.

Saving photos and crediting the owner using Repost for Instagram – Regram

If you are the type who is conscious of crediting the owner of the photos, as we all should be, Regram is the best app for you. This app allows you to save Instagram photos and videos and helps you repost or share them with friends. All this without leaving the Instagram app itself. The copy Share The URL will just give you options on how you want to save or reshare the photos. There is no need to log in to the app itself, it is automatically activated when you open Instagram. You can check out the app if you like by following the installation instructions below:

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