How to save text messages on iOS and Android – Guide

Not long ago, an Instagram follower came to me because she lost all her text messages. This included a three-year argument with her husband, who has just passed away. You can imagine the heartbreak. With everything we do and store on our devices, we have a lot to lose. If you don’t save things right, your files will disappear forever in a crash. looking for your phone, there are messages you don’t want to miss. you can support them up using your phone’s native apps or choose a third-party option.

How to save and backup your text messages

Instead of keeping a special text message like a screenshot, there are more direct ways to save it to your computer or through iExplorer if you have one. phone. The steps are a little different if you have an Android phone. You can save your text messages in your backup account to access it forever.

How to save text messages on iOS

If you’re running a PC or Mac with OS Mojave or earlier, you can use iTunes to create a backup of your iPhone, which will capture all your text messages at the time of backup. We’ll see what to do if you’re on a Mac running OS Catalina soon. While you can make and save backups using iCloud, it will be easier to access your text (and other data) in the future using iTunes. You can download the latest version here. If you really prefer not to use iTunes, you can skip the next two steps and go directly to the “Using iExplorer only” section.

Step 1A (PC or Mac OS Mojave and earlier):

Step 1B: Back up on Mac OS Catalina

If you’ve updated to the latest Mac OS, OS Catalina, you’ll find that iTunes no longer exists. Don’t be fooled by the app titled Music that has the same music note logo, because you can’t go back anymore up your iPhone using this app. Instead, you will need to connect your iPhone to Mac via USB, follow the instructions on your phone to trust this computer, then navigate to the Mac Finder. Here you can select Back Up Now and this will create a backup just like you would through iTunes.

Step 2: Accessing your supportup messages using iExplorer

Your messages are now saved, but this is only the first part of the process. If you want to access them on your computer whenever you want, you’ll need more software. Enter iExplorer, a premium program for MacOS and Windows that can, among other things, scour your iTunes backups and retrieve your various messages. It costs $40 for a basic version license, but you can also use the demo version for a limited time.

How to save text messages on android

Using SMS Backup & Restore we show you how to back up your Android smartphone, but SMS Backup & Restore is a free app that does what the name implies. you can come back up your text messages and save them locally on your Android device, export them to a computer, or upload them to an online storage service like Google Drive. It is designed to meet the needs of people who want to save their messages in multiple places quickly. Your Android device must be running Android 4.0.3 or higher. Start by downloading and installing the app on your Android device. Launch it and it will take you to the main menu. Tap Set up a backup to start creating a new backup. From here, you can choose what information you want to save, what text conversations and where to store backups. Currently, there are options to save your texts directly to your phone, Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also save emojis attached to texts and name backup files so they are easy to identify. If you’re not so concerned about manually classifying text conversations, you’ll also have the option to automate the process. In the app, access the settings by selecting the hamburger menu in the top left corner and follow the instructions.

Text visualization, restoration and migration

To find your saved messages, open the main menu and select View backups. This option will show your messages in XML format. The View Backups feature it will also allow you to reorganize messages in your local folders. You can relocate your old texts to a new one. phone in one elegant move with SMS Backup and Restore. The most common time people use this feature is when defining up a new phone. Before starting, however, always remember to come back up all your texts. Without a backup, you might lose some of your most recent message histories, which is no fun for anyone. From the news

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