How to scan QR code on Android, iPhone, and Windows PC – Guide

QR codes attracted a lot of attention more than a decade ago when smartphones started to gain traction, but until the last couple of years they never really caught on. If you are alert, you will find QR codes everywhere. These black and white squares connect the real world to the web, and scanning them gives you quick access to ID cards, restaurant menus, social media sites, and more. QR codes are so popular that you can scan them with virtually any device with a camera. With the proliferation of smartphones, QR codes have also become ubiquitous. These labyrinthine squares are a type of matrix barcode that contains data – usually QR codes link to a website or open a specific app. QR stands for Quick Response and works like a barcode. The QR code is a square black and white grid that contains specific information – such as web addresses or contact details – that you can access with your compatible device. Specific instructions are written in a QR code. By scanning this code, your phone will display the information contained in the code. If the code contains an action, let’s say it’s the details of a Wi-Fi subscription, then your phone will follow these instructions and connect you to the specified Wi-Fi network.

How to scan a QR code with an iPhone or iPad

Both iPhones and iPads have a QR scanner built into the camera.

How to scan a QR code with an Android phone or tablet

In the same way as Apple users, Android devices have the QR code scanner built into the camera. However, you may need to open a special application to use it.

How to scan a QR code on a Windows PC

For PCs, the process is similar. We recommend downloading the QR Code for Windows 10, which can be found in the Microsoft Store.

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