How to schedule messages in Telegram for Android – Guide

Telegram is an excellent communication tool. It also has great native apps for all operating systems. While WhatsApp is quite conservative when it comes to adding new features, Telegram offers users a constant stream of information, including features. If you are new to Telegram or have been using it for a while, it is worth knowing that it has many features. that other chat apps may not offer. One of the features What caught my eye is the ability to schedule a message to be delivered sometime in the future. Telegram has certainly had a good few months since WhatsApp had problems with the general public. The app, known for prioritizing user privacy, has gained millions of users since Facebook’s sister app tried to update its privacy policy. To schedule messages on WhatsApp, you need to install additional apps like SKEDit. But think for a moment, do we really need an additional app just for scheduling text messages, especially when there are better WhatsApp alternatives on the Play Store? Instant messaging apps like Telegram, Signal, etc. not only offer more security and privacy options, but also better features. Scheduling messages on Telegram ensures that your message is sent at a specific time so that it reaches the recipient even if you are not online at the scheduled time. Gone are the days when you had to stay up until midnight just to be the first person to send your friend or relative a birthday wish.

How to schedule messages in Telegram for Android

You can schedule a personal or group message several months in advance. You just need to set a time and date for it to be sent. To schedule a message, follow these steps:

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