How to Schedule Websites to Open at Certain Time and Date – Guide

When you’re working hard, it’s easy to forget to take a look at your saved site. You define memories but something distracts you and you end up up forgetting it. If you keep this up, you’ll never get the job done. But don’t worry, there is still hope. One tool that will help you remember to see this tab is a Chrome extension called Open Me Later! For the Chrome extension to work, you must use the browser. The extension does not launch the browser automatically. Let’s just hope they add this feature coming soon. After installing the Chrome extension, open the page you want to open later. Click on the Chrome extension and decide how you want to configure it up. For example, on the left you see a calendar; Click on the day you want the site to open. If you want to see this tab every day, just check the Daily box. Setting the time is also an easy task. Just click on the hour and then use the arrow keys on your right to set the hour. Repeat the same steps for the minutes and when done, click the “Open later” button button to save your changes.

Schedule websites to open at a certain time and date

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