How to schedule YouTube Notifications at a specific time – Guide

While there are many other video streaming services out there, you just can’t get your hands on YouTube. With several new videos being added every day, users have a lot of options. And so you don’t miss any videos, you’ll have more chances to keep the app’s notifications. In addition, you also want to be notified when someone likes or replies to your comment. A good idea in itself, but not if you tend to follow multiple developers and regularly comment on their videos. To avoid such situations, YouTube offers a good feature. You can schedule all YouTube notifications to be delivered at a specific time. Let’s see how this could be done. If you also want to prevent certain videos from appearing in your feed, check out our tutorial in how to block unwanted YouTube videos on Android. Scheduled Digest basically combines all your notifications into a single summary and notifies you at your preferred time. So you can see all notifications for channels you subscribed to, videos you might want to watch up in, comments and other activities on your own channel and much more.

How to Schedule YouTube notifications

Follow the steps below to schedule YouTube notifications:

How to Turn off YouTube notifications

There are several reasons why you might want to turn off your YouTube notifications. Maybe you feel like you’ve recently started getting a lot of notifications or notifications from channels you’re not interested in. It may be that you specifically do not want to receive email notifications or push notifications on your smartphone or desktop. There are three general ways to turn off your YouTube notifications: through your channel settings, your account settings, or your device settings. we already covered how to do this via the channel settings – selecting None in the notifications options on a video from a channel you are subscribed to. If you don’t want to go through all subscribed channels one by one to turn off notifications, you can turn off all notifications at once using your YouTube account settings. You can do this either on your computer or on your mobile. To disable YouTube notifications on your computer, follow the steps below. Here you can disable all types of YouTube notifications, including desktop and email notifications. To do this, toggle the switch next to them.

To disable YouTube notifications on your smartphone, follow the steps below

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