Guide: How to Secure Your What­sApp Account

WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging services out there, with over a billion users, has ruled the world in recent years. With the introduction of end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp made sure message details don’t fall into the wrong hands. But that’s not the end of the deal. There are many steps involved we, as users should take to make it more secure. Here, in this post today, we’ve put together a list of 7 cool ones tips to secure your WhatsApp account like a fortress (so that it doesn’t leak out as much as a letter). Also read: 7 cool apps to boost the WhatsApp experience in Android

1. Manage WhatsApp Web effectively

The web version of WhatsApp has not only made reading and replying to messages easier, but it also gives you access to your messages even when your Android isn’t around. All you have to do is log in once with the QR code. Easily.

The above scenario is all rosy if and only if you use your own scenario laptop or desktop to open WhatsApp. That’s when the Log off from all computers option comes in handy. Tap on it and all your existing WhatsApp web sessions will be terminated immediately.

In addition, pay attention to the persistent message that pops up up every time the web version is activated.

2. Use two-step verification

The security aspect of WhatsApp can be described as sufficient. However, it tends to fall under sufficient if users don’t opt ​​for the two-factor authentication. When SIM cloning is all so easy these days, this method will make sure that no one else can set it up up your WhatsApp on their phone without knowing the secret 6-digit code.

The settings can be accessed via Account> Two-step verification. Once enabled, any re-verification should be accompanied by this number. In addition, you can set as an additional measure up an alternate email address that will send a link to your email address once this two-factor authentication is disabled. Given the current state of privacy, I say this is a must have security measure.

3. Restrict access to your profile picture

The main cause of WhatApp’s boom was the fact that anyone can get an SMS if you only have the contact number. The downside to this feature is that your beautiful profile picture can also end up in the wrong hands. All they need is your phone number.

Good news is that this can be easily avoided if access to the profile picture is limited. Go to Privacy and switch from the default Everybody option to the friendlier My Contacts. From now on, only the contacts you have saved can see your profile picture. And if you want to take it a step further, forbid anyone from seeing your photo by choosing Nobody. But what’s the point of keeping a photo, I wonder?

One of the most appreciated features WhatsApp is that all media items that are sent are automatically saved in it phone gallery. (It’s also annoying for the T if you ask me.) Fortunately, the WhatsApp media can be easily hidden from the gallery, allowing you to keep your friend’s secret, well, a secret.

All you need to do is go to the WhatsApp images folder with the file explorer and create a file called .nomedia. After a restart, all WhatsApp media items are hidden. If the above seems a bit annoying, you can download an app called Hide Image, a video from WhatsApp that hides the required folders.

5. Lock WhatsApp

The fifth tip of the day is to lock the WhatsApp app from prying eyes using a third party app. If you have very sensitive information about your WhatsApp messages, you can choose to have a lock with a PIN or pattern.

The best choice in this matter is the AppLock app. This one has been downloaded over a million times and allows you to lock individual apps and various system switches, such as those for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. Also, lock the settings along with WhatsApp app so that uninstalling apps without your knowledge can be avoided.

6. Deactivate account when lost / stolen Phone

In the event of an unfortunate incident of lost or stolen phone, make sure that the WhatsApp account is also deactivated along with the sim deactivation. Unfortunately, WhatsApp remote deactivation is not yet supported. So the deactivation process is a bit long.

One would be required to send an email to the WhatsApp support with the phrase Lost / Stolen: Deactivate my account (together with the phone number) as the subject line. The phone number must be in correct international format.

7. Beware of scams

While the above were settings you can enable on your phone to secure your apps. However, be careful not to tap suspicious links. With no active content monitoring, WhatsApp quickly turns into a den of suspicious links, deceptive content and a magnet for phishing scandals.

Not long ago, some users got messages to renew their subscription in exchange for money. WhatsApp is a free messaging service and will remain free forever. Recently I received a request to fill out a form so that I can get the Redmi Note 4 for only $ 499. So, in case you receive strange messages for taking surveys or downloading content, report it right away and block the number.

Chat safely!

With the current state of privacy and security in the world, it is imperative that all of our data remains secure. And it is also just as important that we pay attention to any wrong actions. So these were a few tips on how to make WhatsApp more secure. So what security settings do you keep on your device? Would like to know through the comments section. Also read: 21 Incredible WhatsApp features You can’t miss that

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