How to See Google Photos on Apple TV – Guide

One of the most accepted apps to view our photos offline is Google Photos. Although the app is designed for Android users, it is also used by many iOS users. You can use the program to create slideshows, personal albums and much more. It’s even more enjoyable when you’re viewing a slideshow of your vacation photos on the big screen. This is also taken care of by the Google Photos app. The Google Photos app is now available for Apple TV. The Google Photos app cannot be installed on Apple TV at this time. Apple TV doesn’t have the app yet. However, version 2.14 brought one of the most significant changes to Google Photos. iOS users can now stream the app to other devices using AirPlay or Screen Mirroring in the latest version. Previously, only Android devices could use the casting function. You can now stream your Google Pictures photos to your Apple TV using the Google Photos app.

How to See Google Photos on Apple TV?

Alternative way to use Google Photos on Apple TV

If the AirPlay icon is not available in the app, you can use this alternative method.

Additional Features

Although the Google Photos app is not available for Apple TV, you can use Google Photos content to personalize your device. You can choose a photo in the Google Photo app and set it as your Apple TV’s screensaver. For this you need to use the AirPlay method.

Final note

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