How To See Saved WiFi Passwords On Android – Guide

Since you own your Android device, you’ve probably connected it to dozens of Wi-Fi networks, and your phone or tablet remembers each of them. Whether it’s a hotspot at homeschool, work, gym, coffee shop, a relative’s apartment or even a friend’s. phone, whenever you enter a Wi-Fi password, your Android device will remember it so you can keep it safe and easily access it later. It becomes problematic when you want to see the password of one of the networks you have previously connected to. Maybe you want to connect a second device to a saved Wi-Fi hotspot, or you’re traveling with a friend who wants to log into the same hotspot. If you can’t get the password from the font, you can look up the credentials on your Android smartphone or tablet – but if you look at the Wi-Fi network saved in your settings, you won’t see the password in plain text. You can find the clear text password for the Wi-Fi network in your device’s settings, but it’s not obvious at first glance. If you have one phone or tablet with an Android skin, like a Samsung Galaxy, is even less obvious than if you’re using standard Android, like a Google Pixel model. Here are a few different methods you can use to view your saved WiFi password.

How to view saved WiFi passwords on Android

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ES file explorer

ES File Explorer gives the user privileged access to system files. The app also offers many other features how to create backups and restore apps. It is also capable of restoring your deleted files. This method does not require root access, but unfortunately it is not guaranteed to work on all devices. Still, you can try it out by following the steps below.

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