How to See Storage left on OneDrive – Guide

However, regardless of which service you choose, storage is not infinite, so check your storage usage from time to time to see how much space you have on your account and how much space you have left. This information can be used to exclude items that you do not need to release. up space, or to assess whether it’s time to increase your OneDrive storage or subscribe to a Microsoft 365 plan to gain access to the 1 TB option as well as the Office suite.

How to check OneDrive storage usage in Windows 10

To check your storage usage and how much space is left on OneDrive, follow these steps: After completing the steps, you will understand space usage in your cloud storage account.

How to check OneDrive storage usage on the web

On the web, you can review even more details about your OneDrive storage usage. You can view a quick or complete summary. You can see which files are taking up the most storage and free up space. And you can also access the referral program to earn additional storage by inviting others to the service.

Quick usage summary

To view a quick summary of OneDrive storage, follow these steps: Once you complete the steps, similar to the option available in Windows 10, you will quickly know how much space is being used on your account.

Full usage details

For a complete rundown on OneDrive storage usage, follow these steps:

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