Gmail is available via the web and as a mobile application. To access Gmail, we can alternatively use a third-party application. Through the protocols IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) or POP, these programmes synchronize the email content (Post Office Protocol). Gmail was developed as a result of a user’s letter complaining about issues with other Web e-mail systems, such as the ongoing need to delete messages to stay under storage restrictions and the absence of any searching functionality, claims Google co-founder and president Larry Page. Users can store messages in up to four gigabytes and two megabytes of space, respectively, on the two biggest Web e-mail providers, Yahoo and Microsoft. Both services impose a price for extra storage. Microsoft’s Hotmail service lacks a search feature, although Yahoo Mail does. We mentioned below are the steps to select all in Gmail.

Steps to select all in Gmail

Select all in Gmail in a desktop browser

Step 1: Open Gmail and log in using your Google credentials if necessary. Step 2: When you’re in the Gmail inbox, make sure you’re in the correct view and displaying all the content you want to see. You can select the mailbox or folder you want to work in from the sidebar, and you can collapse sections within each folder or inbox to exclude them from the selection. Step 3: Once you are in the correct location and have the correct emails displayed, use the checkbox above the list of emails to select all. Step 4: You can also use filters, statuses, or stars to restrict your selection by using the drop-down menu next to the checkbox and picking which restrictions you want to apply. Step 5: Once you have all your emails selected, you can perform a variety of bulk actions, like marking, archiving, deleting, or filtering them into different folders or categories.

Select all in Gmail for Android

Step 1: Start by launching the web browser on your phone, going to Gmail, and logging in with your Google credentials. After logging in, confirm that you wish to access the browser version rather than the app. Step 2: When you have the Gmail inbox open, use your phone’s browser options—this differs from browser to browser, but it should be where you open Settings and other options—to switch from the mobile version of the webpage to the desktop version, and reload the page. Step 3: After the desktop version loads, you’ll notice that not much has changed except the UI scaling. To go to the actual desktop version, tap the three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner of the screen to open the inbox options. Step 4: In the inbox options, scroll to the bottom and tap Desktop next to View Gmail in: to open the desktop version of Gmail on your phone. Step 5: You might be greeted with a screen with the options Take me to the latest Gmail and I’d like to use HTML Gmail. Select Take me to the latest Gmail to open the modern Gmail UI. Step 6: When you have the desktop version of Gmail open on your phone, use the same process as described above for the desktop browser version—it’ll just be on a smaller screen.

Final Words

We hope you like our article on how to select all in Gmail. Google will sell advertising and distribute it to specific users in order to make Gmail lucrative. The business’s software will analyze customers’ emails to find matches for relevant advertisements, and it will sporadically place such ads in emails. Furthermore, the application won’t have any more conventional forms of advertising, including banners or pop-up ads, even though there will be some advertising within messages.

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