How to Selectively Backup iPhone and iPad Data to iCloud – Guide

You can easily take a full backup of your iPhone to a Windows PC using iCloud, Mac or iTunes, but there are a number of use cases where you might want to selectively go back. up data from your iPhone to your computer. It might be to release up storage space or transfer iPhone data to another iPhone or Android phone. However, you can selectively disable backup for an app by going to your iPhone’s Settings app. You might want to do this if you don’t want to exceed your iCloud storage. Unfortunately, you cannot use iCloud to backup iPhone data for the above use cases. For example, you cannot use it to backup photos to an external drive or backup or transfer WhatsApp messages and attachments to your Mac, Windows PC, another iPhone or Android phone, etc. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you. I will show you how to Backup iPhone data selectively for each use case with iMazing.

How to Selective Backup Apps for iCloud

Now that you know more about what data iCloud stores, here’s How to choose which app data is protected up for your iPhone and iPad. The steps remain the same for iPhone and iPad, so follow them below and go to: Here you can see a complete list of apps that have their data backed up up to iCloud from your iPhone or iPad and are taking up valuable space. You can tap Show all apps in list to see the entire list.

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