Yes, you can send a FaceTime link to anyone who has an iPhone or Android phone. The instructions above are the easiest way to send a FaceTime link, even to other iPhone users, if you’re not ready to start a FaceTime conversation with them right away. Once the recipient receives the link, all they have to do is click on it, add a name and tap “Next” to be added to the call. With iOS 15, Apple finally lets Android and PC users join in the FaceTime action. The OS update, which will be officially released in the fall, adds the ability to schedule and send a FaceTime link to anyone you want to video chat with – no iPhone required. That means you can use the Link feature per up FaceTime calls in advance to other Apple users or now to Android or web users. As a subscriber, all you need is a friend with an Apple device running iOS 15 to set up the link, and you can join from any device. If you’ve been selected as Apple’s chosen friend and you have no idea how to to define up FaceTime connection to your virtual group hangout, don’t worry. We have prepared a step-by-step article for you below.

Before you can chat with someone using Windows or Android, you need to create a link for them to join.

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