How to Send and Receive Apps via Nearby Share – Guide

Google nearby Share is the company’s competitor to AirDrop, which allows Android users to seamlessly share files between devices. Google now gives users the ability to share apps with nearby Android devices using Nearby Share.Next Share previously only allowed Android users to share and receive files, photos and videos. The ability to share apps has been announced and is rolling out to Android users now. The new feature allows users to share Google Play apps with those around them with an Android smartphone, even without Internet or Wi-Fi connection. To use the new feature, users need to go to Google Play Store on Android phone, open the hamburger menu and select My apps and games. There, users should be able to see a “Share”, along with other options like Updates, Installed, Library and Beta. Clicking the button “Share” guide brings up the new “Share apps with nearby shares” feature, letting you know that users can now send and receive apps with anyone nearby through Google Play. By clicking on Share tab, a new notice will appear that says “You can now send and receive apps with anyone nearby via Google Play. No Internet connection required.’

How to use close Share on your android phone

How to accept a close Share on your android phone

This is how you share something with someone else, but what is the whole process like from the other angle? If you are getting a file by Nearby Share this is what you will see.

How to send apps by Nearby Share on your android phone

a newly added feature close Share is the ability to push Google Play apps to other (nearby) Android users.

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