How to send disappearing messages with WhatsApp – Guide

Despite several recent controversies questioning its integrity, WhatsApp remains surprisingly privacy-conscious, with end-to-end encryption available by default in all chats. The messaging app took a step further in that direction when it introduced disappearing messages for everyone in the final last year. With this new ephemeral option, it’s even easier to protect your most private conversations and media. It seems that not many people use disappearance messages on WhatsApp yet, perhaps because they are not aware of their existence. here we will tell you how to enable it and what precautions you should take to ensure your chats remain private.

How to enable disappearing messages

Disappearing messages aren’t something you can turn on for everyone at once; you have to do this individually for each contact or group. This means that only new messages exchanged after you activate the setting will be affected, while your older conversations and other recipients are not affected. See how you enable it: And that’s it. When you return to the chat window, both the recipient and you will see a short message notifying you of the change. Any messages sent after that will automatically disappear from the chat after the seven-day timer expires. You can easily identify contacts with ephemeral chats enabled, as they will have a timer icon that appears over their profile photo. The same steps also work to disable messages that disappear when you finish your top secret chat.

Functionality is limited

WhatsApp is a few years behind Signal in adding this featuretherefore it comes naturally with some limitations. There is currently no way to change the default seven-day timer to a time limit of your choice. This is completely customizable in Signal, while Telegram offers three options: 24 hours, one week and one month. Hopefully WhatsApp will add more weather options in a future update. It’s also a minor inconvenience to access the recipient’s profile whenever you want to enable or disable chats that disappear. I would have preferred WhatsApp to include a shortcut for those who would use these messages that just disappear every now and then, like long-pressing the send button button to bring up a context menu for specific messages only.

Play it safe

It’s pretty obvious that you’ll use disappearance messages to have more confidential conversations than others. However, there are ways to save your chats on the receiver’s terminal, defeating the feature is very straightforward – and WhatsApp warns about this on the settings page.

Final note

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