How to Send Disappearing Tweets on Twitter Using Fleets – Guide

Twitter on Tuesday announced the global launch of Fleets, the ephemeral tweet feature first announced earlier this year and tested in multiple markets around the world. Now each mobile The Twitter user, no matter where they live or what platform they are on, has access to Missing Messages feature, located at the top of the timeline in a series of Stories-like bubbles. Twitter expects the new feature will help ease the pressure around tweeting, allowing users to express more casual thoughts and feelings while being less worried about saying something profound or getting likes and retweets. Fleets is launching today on Android and iOS and should be available to everyone in the next few days, the company says – we’ve seen people talking to Fleets more on Twitter,” said design director Joshua Harris and product manager Sam Haveson in a blog post. . “New Twitter users have found Fleets an easier way to share their thoughts. As they disappear from view after a day, Fleets has helped people feel more comfortable sharing personal and casual thoughts, opinions and feelings.”

How to Send Missing Tweets Using Fleets on Twitter

Create your first fleet

Replace permanent retweets with temporary fleets

Sometimes you might find a tweet you want to share but don’t necessarily want to become a permanent fixture on your timeline. Instead of retweeting this tweet, you can post it as a temporary fleet.

Upgrading your fleets: how to turn fleets into tweets

You might post a fleet just to change your mind and decide this post is tweet-worthy after all. If you decide to keep a fleet longer than 24 hours, you can repost that fleet as a tweet.

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