How to Send Emails with an Expiration Date on Gmail – Guide

Gmail, also known as Google Mail, is the largest email service provider in the world. It offers several hidden tricks, tips and features that you need to know. In this article, you will find another useful feature which explains the method to add an expiration date to emails in Gmail. Users can add a time limit for accessing emails that are distributed to recipients using Confidential mode. It helps protect the email information and does not allow the recipient to copy, print, download and forward the email. The sender has the control to remove access to confidential email from the recipient’s inbox. Gmail offers a feature to add an expiration date to emails so that emails that are not needed later can automatically disappear and make room for future emails. Bulk deleting emails when the memory offered by google is full can be tricky. User can preset time limit of emails to enjoy uninterrupted service.

How to send emails with expiration date

In phone

on the computer

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