How to Send GIFs on Android – Guide

Sending GIFs is a much easier way to express emotions without saying a word. However, not all of us are fully aware of the art of sending GIFs, with one small flaw on our part. Each operating system keyboard has its own method of sending GIFs in a chat, and we’ll teach you exactly how to send GIFs on some of the most popular platforms. To find it, tap the smiley face icon on the Google keyboard. In the emoji menu that appears there is a GIF button in the background. Tap on it and you’ll be able to find a searchable selection of GIFs. Best of all, there is a “often used” button which saves the ones you use all the time. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a GIF worth? Animated GIFs are moving images that play in a short loop and are a great way to respond to an incoming message or on social media. On Android, there are several ways to send GIFs using the standard keyboard and the messaging app or any number of third-party apps including GIPHY.

Sending GIFs in messages

Google Messages, Google’s text messaging app, includes the option to send GIFs. You can also use your keyboard’s GIF search, which brings up up different results. Instructions for adding GIFs using Gboard are below.

Sending GIFs with GIPHY

If you have an older version of Android or want to try another GIF library, try the GIPHY app, which you can download from Google Play. You don’t need a login unless you want to save bookmarks; otherwise, you can browse and share GIFs freely.

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