How to Send Pictures on WhatsApp Without Compression – Guide

WhatsApp offers its users the option to send media files like images, videos and GIFs. To ensure easy transmission, the instant messaging platform compresses images when sending them. This reduces the time it takes the sender to upload the image and the time it takes the recipient to download it. However, compression often results in loss of image data. Is there any way to send WhatsApp images without compromising image quality? Read on to find out. Users can share photos via gallery in the clips menu at the bottom of the screen, but they can also click photos with WhatsApp camera. There is also the option to send audio files separately. there’s another feature which allows WhatsApp users to share documents as PDFs or DOC files. It is available as the “Document” option in the paper clip menu. The “Documents” menu allows users to share images in their native formats on WhatsApp without any loss of data or quality.

How to send photos on whatsapp without compression

Send the original image via WhatsApp by renaming the image

Creating multiple images as a ZIP

Attach directly as a document in WhatsApp

Special Trick for iOS Users – Using iBooks to Convert Images to PDF

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