If you frequently send and receive SMS messages, you may want to check them online so that you can respond with your computer keyboard more quickly. It turns out that you can view and send text messages from the convenience of your computer in a number of ways. Here are the top PC programs to check SMS messages. Except where stated otherwise, all these solutions are applicable exclusively to Android devices. They can also save your life if your connection is unstable. For instructions on how to send audio messages on iPhone and Android, tap or click. Send messages directly from your PC or Mac if you’re working on your computer or don’t want to use your thumbs. It’s easy to configure up. We have mentioned below steps to send text messages on PC or Mac

Steps to Send Text Messages on PC

How to Send text messages on Mac

Final Words

You can also send text messages for free using various websites. These are just to deliver a brief and unique message to a phone number; they are not intended to hold ongoing discussions. We hope that our article on “how to Sending Text Messages from Mac or PC” will surely help you to do that.

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