How To Send Voice Messages on Twitter – Guide

Twitter announced a new feature for voice messages in DMs. This voice memo feature has been tested globally in three countries, including India, and is now rolling out to all users on Android and iOS. However, this feature It is still in the experimental stage and may take some time to reach all users around the world. However, if you are in India and want to use it, here it is. how to send voice messages in Twitter DMs. Twitter started testing audio messages in Brazil last year. It’s one of the company’s attempts to test audio features. As a reminder, the voice tweet feature was also recently introduced, allowing you to send audio tweets. Twitter is a well-known microblogging service that allows users to connect and communicate with people all over the world. By typing 280 characters or less on Twitter, you can express your opinion on any topic. Twitter released a voicemail feature for users in February. The new feature it’s like whatsapp voice messages feature. It allows users to send a voice message (direct message) or a voice message/clip to the Twitter contact. Announced over a month ago, Twitter introduced the ability to send and receive voice messages in DMs. This one feature was originally released in some markets including India.

How to send twitter voice messages

If you are a user in India, Brazil or Japan, you can send voice messages in Direct Messages without any problems. Twitter released this feature in February and announced that it would be implemented gradually. It only seems to work on mobile version of the Twitter application and you cannot send voice messages via the desktop site. Be sure to install and register Twitter from the Google Play Store or App Store to start using the platform. Anyway, follow the simple steps below to send voice messages in Twitter DMs.

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