How To Send WhatsApp Stickers – Guide

Stickers are now a feature on WhatsApp that lets you send a variety of weird, wonderful and cute pictures to your friends and family in private and group chats. You will see a green tick when the package download is complete and then you can return to the normal chat window. Here you can go back to the stickers and find the pack you are looking for at the top of the gray section at the bottom of the page. Just like sending GIFs or emojis, they can be a bit hidden on WhatsApp, which means you might not know how to do it right away. That’s why we’re here with this guide in how to send stickers via messaging service. So if you haven’t updated your WhatsApp in a while, you may need to download the latest version of the software to access the stickers. Here is a selection of stickers that you can upload, but you will need to click on the small download button on the right before submitting any of them. Don’t worry, these packages are small so it doesn’t cost a lot of internet or take forever.

How to Download stickers on WhatsApp

To download stickers:

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