How to Set an Alarm on Apple Watch – Guide

Apple’s smartwatch does more than just tell the time, but one of the most convenient on the Apple Watch features it’s as simple as a clock setting an alarm. Like many functions, it is controlled by an app, but it can also be done through voice interaction with Siri. An explanation of how it works and the various options can help ensure that every Apple Watch owner is never late for another appointment. Early wristwatches made timing personal, but even after this innovation, the desire to pinpoint a specific time without the need for constant checking inspired inventors to design alarm clocks. At the final From the 19th century, some early prototypes poked the wearer at a set time, but it was decades before a clock was built that could sound an alarm at a set time. Of course, these were mechanical devices, whereas current wristwatches are electronic and, in the case of the Apple Watch, are based on computer technology. However, the need to know the time accurately and the willingness to be alert when a certain time of day or night still occurs is one of the most important characteristics of any watch.

How to set an alarm on Apple Watch with Siri

Siri remains the most convenient way to set an alarm on your Apple Watch. The ability to just lift your wrist and say, for example, “Hey Siri, set an alarm for 1 pm” is amazing. Siri’s ability on your HomePod to react to this is less good. Even though you can ask your watch to set an alarm without looking at the screen, look at the screen. While Apple implements a surprisingly clever system whereby iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and HomePod check each other to find out who you are calling Siri, they get it wrong so often. You can just lift your wrist and not even say “Hey Siri”, and that seems to be working better now. But originally we went through a swear word of exactly what flamenco dance move we had to do in order for the Clock to recognize that we wanted it to hear, that we forgot it was supposed to be possible. When we have a problem, the most common one we find is that your watch starts responding, but your iPhone takes over. Suddenly, you will hear Siri in your back pocket. Or sometimes the watch and iPhone set alarms separately. This is annoying, but at least you get the alarm. Most frustratingly annoying is when the HomePod in the next room hears you and you don’t hear it talking to you. So you go out and wonder why you’re not hearing an alarm, while your family in the home is throwing a towel over your HomePod. If practice isn’t always perfect, theory is good and you should definitely try using Siri to set alarms.

How to set an alarm on Apple Watch with Siri

That last part is the short answer to detecting problems. The last thing Siri shows on the Apple Watch screen when you set an alarm is a phrase like “OK” or “I already did that” and a power button. Make sure it’s on, and if it’s not, tap it to make sure it’s on. The ability to name your alarms is useful, though. You might not look at the screen if you’re just using the alarm to wake up up and all that matters is finding Snooze button. But if you use alarms, for example, to remind you about important meetings or events on your calendar, it’s useful to name the alarm so the screen says “Interview”, “Appointment for lunch”, or whatever. You gotta find the Stop or Snooze button, by the way. When the alarm is going off, you can’t ask Siri to stop it for you.

How to set an alarm on Apple Watch manually

Pressing and holding to bring up o Add alarm button always works. However, the same button is also at the bottom of your alarm list. If you have between none and three of them, you will see that button when you enter the Alarms app. Alarms don’t go away when you use them, they just turn off. So even if they don’t sound again until you say they should, they remain on the alarm list. That means you can finish quickly up with a batch listed and the Add Alarm button button It’s going to take some serious scrolling to get there. One thing in favor of setting your alarm manually is that there is no chance of misinterpretation. You’re not saying “1pm”, you’re turning the Digital Crown until it displays the desired time. However, one thing against this is that setting the hour and minute is a bit awkward because they rotate very easily. You need to get used to how far to turn the Digital Crown and when to stop turning to get the time you want. Unlike when you set the alarm via Siri, please note that when you press the Set button button, that’s it. You don’t have an on/off button, you go straight back to the alarm list and this new one is turned on.

How to change an alarm on Apple Watch

Again, you can change an alarm manually or through Siri. This time Siri never seems to let us down.

How to change an alarm on Apple Watch with Siri

We still haven’t had any issues with Siri changing the alarm time and deciding to turn it off for no reason. However, we had issues where we mumbled, so it’s still best to check.

How to change an alarm on Apple Watch manually

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