How to Set Custom WhatsApp Chat Wallpapers – Guide

Let’s face it, we all love having unique, personalized things around us that we can wear that make a strong statement about what we stand for or believe in. The same goes for the thought process with WhatsApp chats. But how can we stand out in a sea of ​​conformity and sameness? Not only that, WhatsApp users definitely want to show a different personality to the different people they chat with – girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, boss, colleague, friend, whatever, every relationship with every person you meet is different. . So why not try to express that uniqueness in your chat to enrich your conversation? Well, don’t worry, the folks at WhatsApp are busy finding solutions to these same concerns for their users. Yes, in fact, the solution is already at hand. See How to set WhatsApp wallpapers for one-on-one chats. Gone are the days when you had to settle for a single look for your Whatsapp. Now WhatsApp has introduced a new feature which allows its users to set WhatsApp wallpapers for one-on-one chats, making them even more special. Obviously, it would be helpful to update your Whatsapp app to the latest version from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Idea is not the oldest version of WhatsApp that could play tricks on you, and that goes for all iOS or Android smartphone users.

How to Set custom WhatsApp chat wallpapers

Set a custom wallpaper on iPhone

Set a custom wallpaper on Android

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