How to Set Do Not Disturb Auto-Reply Message on iPhone – Guide

But with disconnection can come stress and satiety. Focusing on one thing or taking the time to clear your head and think without distraction has become nearly impossible with constant ping notifications. But at the same time, without them, it’s hard not to feel isolated and alone. So we want to share with you a little trick to add some balance to the madness and give you the best of both worlds. In this guide we will show you how to to define up a message to automatically reply to your texts during the day while you are “at” work or looking for a much-needed break, redirecting a feature designed for autoresponders when you drive. It’s a quick and easy way to let your contacts know that you’re paying attention to others right now, but that you got their message and will get back to you when the time is right. In the long menu that opens, scroll down and tap on “Auto reply to” to bring up up the menu that determines who will and who will not automatically receive your autoresponder message. Under Phone, tap Allow calls from and select Nobody (or Favorites if you still want people you’ve bookmarked in the People app to contact you phone when Do Not Disturb While Driving is on). Note that calls are always sent to your voicemail when Do Not Disturb is on, so callers do not receive an auto-answer text.

How to To define Up Auto reply on iPhone

You need to define up an automatic reply in advance so as not to disturb you when otherwise busy. The function is built into iOS, so it takes less than a minute to set up auto-response while driving on your iPhone. First, let’s add Do Not Disturb to the Control Center for easier management. You will now be able to quickly turn Do Not Disturb While Driving on or off as needed. Next, we need to define up message and reply settings.

Follow these steps to do this:

Here it is how to set your auto-reply settings to only send messages to certain people:

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