How to Set iPhone as Security Key for Google’s 2FA – Guide

Google announced that all devices running Android 7+ can be used as two-factor authentication when logging into Gmail, Drive and other first-party services. Most modern iPhones can now be used as a built-in phone security key for Google apps. Most people today are increasingly familiar with 2FA via codes sent via SMS. However, this is widely considered to be insecure and more secure alternatives such as physical security keys that you plug into your phone or computer are recommended. A new solution uses your phone’s to verify you are logging in. a sausage phone the security key is different from Google’s Command Prompt, although both essentially share the same interface. The latter push-based approach can be found in the Google Search app and Gmail, while today’s announcement is more like a physical USB-C/Lightning key in that it resists phishing attempts and verifies who you are. Your phone the security key must be physically close (within Bluetooth range) to the device trying to log in. The login prompt is not just sent over an internet connection.

How to use iPhone as security key for Google 2FA

For this feature, Google is using Apple’s “Secure Enclave” feature which is found in A-series chips to turn iOS devices as a secure key for two-factor authentication. The Secure Enclave is a coprocessor of the iPhone’s ARM CPU and takes care of the cryptographic functionality for authentication.

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