How to Set Multiple Timers on Apple Watch – Guide

Start multiple timers on your Apple Watch for various time tracking activities such as Think of a situation where you put all your energy into cooking your favorite dish; meanwhile, it’s your yoga time; how would you do both at the same time? Or you can focus on yoga or this delicious item. Well that’s no problem, launch multiple times on Apple Watch by setting different labels like fish, eggs, yoga, etc. and monitor on a single screen. Along with iOS 15, macOS Monterey and iPadOS 15, Apple has released a new watchOS 8 software update for Apple Watch. One of the most important features of watchOS 8 is Multiple Timers. With the latest watchOS 8 update, Apple Watch users can set multiple timers to track different activities. However, the Apple Watch must be running watchOS 8 or later. Apple Watch Series 3 or later supports watchOS 8; If you have one of these Apple Watch, make sure it’s up so far and skip to the next section to learn how to use multiple timers on any Apple Watch. With multiple timers for Apple Watch, you can see all your timers in the Watch Timers app. And when each of those timers goes off, a timer label will appear on the watch screen so you know which timer the task has completed.

How to Set multiple timers on Apple Watch

The easiest way to set up a timer on your Apple Watch is to ask Siri.

Say something like, “Hey Siri, set up a labeled time (insert task) for XX minutes.” For example, ask Siri to “set a timer labeled dog wash to 20 minutes.” After asking, Siri sets your time and labels it, so you know which timer expires when! To create additional times, repeat the steps for each task. Use the words “labeled, called and named” when describing your task to Siri. When a timer expires, your watch notifies you on the screen and vibrates with a haptic alert or taps depending on how you set it up your watch’s sound and tactile settings. If you want to repeat a timer that just ended, tap the Repeat button button (arrow in a circle icon) at the bottom to start the timer again.

You should ask Siri to label your timers

If you don’t ask Siri to name or label your timer, Siri creates a timer but doesn’t label it with the task name. Unfortunately, at this time, you cannot manually label your timers by typing or doodling your name. Currently, only Siri can name a timer.

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