How To Set Nicknames in Facebook Messenger – Guide

You probably have some close friends who use nicknames, but some of them have insecure names, names that have absolutely nothing to do with their real names on Facebook. Nicknames can be anything, you can call them by their funny last names or the names you tend to tease them with. It’s better to see the person’s nickname than the full name. The names of your friends that you see on social media can be changed, if you use Facebook Messenger you can set a nickname for them. Unlike Instagram, Facebook Messenger lets you change the name and set a nickname for your friend, so the next time you get a message, you’ll see their nickname. As WhatsApp syncs the names from your contact list, you have control over the names saved in your contact. Although the case is quite different, as you can see on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. Names are set by your friends, not you, so you have no control over them. I don’t usually save contacts by their names, my contact list is pretty crazy and it shows up On whatsapp.

How to set a nickname on facebook messenger

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