How to set parental controls on iPhone or iPad – Guide

Restrictions, also known as parental controls, allow you to manage what features, apps and content that your kids may or may not access on their iPhone or iPad. Before you can disable something specific, though, you need to enable Restrictions in Settings. This includes creating a password to prevent someone else from reprogramming everything, especially smart kids. After having everything set up According to your personal preferences, as well as your child’s age and temperament, however, he can use an iPhone or iPad without worrying about seeing or hearing anything inappropriate. , they can change anything. Nothing should change or buy anything it shouldn’t, including in-app purchases.

How to turn on Screen Time on your child’s iPhone

If you already have Family Sharing turned on, you can immediately set up Family organizer device screen time.

How to Enable Screen Time with Family Sharing

Screen Time allows you to set mandatory downtime, such as when a child should be resting for sleep or sleep, and limit the amount of time they spend on specific apps. It also lets you set content and privacy restrictions. Apple’s arsenal of parental controls doesn’t stop there, either. Anyone who gives a kid a smartphone should make sure there’s no way the kid can buy hundreds or thousands of dollars in in-app purchases. Apple’s solution is an intelligent system called Ask to Buy. Ask to buy can be set up for any family member under the age of 18 and is automatically activated for anyone under the age of 13. When enabled, Ask to Buy will send an alert to the family organizer’s device, showing the name and price of any apps or media the child wants to buy. From there, the family organizer can approve or deny the request.

How to turn on Ask to buy on a child’s iPhone

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