While it’s generally quite useful as-is, some people might want to change it so that it doesn’t disable specific settings or make it even more difficult with energy savings. One of the biggest problems with any Android phone is when the battery drains faster than expected. Finding a charger and immediately plugging it in after a full overnight charge is often depressing. If you’re prepared to end your battery problems, there might be a direct offender. We have mentioned below the steps to set power saving exclusions.

Steps to set power saving exclusions

Final Words

So here we conclude our article on how to Set power saving exclusions. For all of us, battery life is vital. As strong, versatile and fast as our cell phones are, they are completely useless without electricity. Like iOS, Android has a low battery mode that kicks in when your device’s lifespan is getting low. Its name is Battery Saver and it limits performance to maximize energy.

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