How To Set Routines on Alexa – Guide

Alexa routine basics

To start creating routines, open the Alexa app for Android or iOS, tap the menu button in the upper left corner and select Routines. To add a new routine, press + button at the top right corner. All routines consist of a trigger condition (such as a voice command) and one or more corresponding actions. start configuring up your trigger by selecting “When this happens. From here, you’ll see five options: Context up these triggers is mostly self-explanatory. Just select one from the list and follow the onscreen instructions. If you only want a routine to be triggered at certain times of the day, you can also click “Change” next to the “Anytime” section to set up a schedule. (This applies to device triggers, arrival or departure triggers, and the Echo button). after setting up a trigger, you can select the associated actions by clicking the “Add Action” button, which offers several options: once you defined up an action, you will go to an Edit Routine menu where you can further customize the Routine. To make more things happen, press + button next to “Add Action” and select another action from the menu. You can then press and drag the = button next to any action to rearrange its order, or tap the action itself to modify it. For certain types of triggers, you can also specify which Alexa device will provide the audio output in the “From” section. Choose a specific device or select “the device you talk to”, which even works with the Alexa app on your phone. Finally, notice the “On” toggle at the top of the screen. Disabling this will disable the routine, so you can temporarily stop running without deleting the whole thing.

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