How to Set Up a Forwarding Email Address in Gmail – Guide

Many of us have multiple email addresses that are used for different purposes. If you use Gmail as your preferred email address or service, you can automatically forward all your emails from one Gmail account to any other email address. When you have multiple email addresses, it can be impractical to constantly switch between your accounts just to view your inbox. Also, you may have an outdated email address that you no longer use but would like to continue receiving emails. When using Gmail auto-forwarding feature, you can ensure that all new messages received at your secondary email addresses are forwarded to your primary account, providing all your emails in one place. (For what it’s worth, you can also add multiple email accounts to an iPhone or iPad email app and check them all in one inbox, but that doesn’t use email forwarding ). Per up automatic forwarding, we will use the Gmail browser client to access all necessary settings. So it doesn’t matter which device you use for this procedure, as long as you access Gmail using a desktop-class web browser.

How to Forward Gmail messages to another email client

How to Disable Gmail Forwarding

To disable auto-forwarding, reverse the steps above.

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