How to set up a password manager – Guide

When it comes to securing your accounts online, the standard advice is to choose a strong password. That’s why some sites provide tools to determine whether your password is strong or weak, and other sites even require you to use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and even unusual characters. That’s because the concept is that a complex password makes it harder for an attacker to guess, but there’s a problem: how can you remember a dozen passwords that are all equally complex and difficult? Take a look at the password manager.

Why You Should Use a Password Manager

Password managers are essentially browser applications or extensions for your computer or phone which helps to store all your login information for the websites and apps you use. By making it easier to remember and fill in login information without having to remember, you can create complex passwords for all your accounts. Password managers also give users the ability to generate passwords and generally allow you to choose options such as the length of the password, whether or not you want it to contain special characters, and more, and will help you to automatically save it when signing up. up for an online account. If you think you have old accounts with weak passwords, using a password manager to generate new, more secure passwords will be a good way to better protect those accounts before someone tries to hack them.

Settings up a password manager

Firstly, there are many password managers to choose from. There is not necessarily one that is better than the others because, in essence, all password managers work the same. The main difference would be the additional features that some password managers offer that may be useful to you. It can also be a price issue, where some managers require you to pay a subscription while others are free. In that guide, let’s show you how to get started with LastPass, which offers a free tier and is also available on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

saving your passwords

Now that your LastPass has been set up up, you can start adding your credentials to it. There are two ways to save passwords to your LastPass Vault – adding them manually or automatically.



If for some reason LastPass does not recognize that you are trying to login or sign up, you can always add the login details manually.

Login to a website using a password manager

Once your login credentials are saved to LastPass, the next time you visit this site and are prompted to log in:

Generating secure passwords

As we said before, one of the main features of a password manager is its ability to generate a strong password on your behalf. To generate a password using LastPass while you are subscribing up to an account or change the password of an existing account:

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