Bedtime Mode does this by turning off notifications and turning your screen to black and white. Everything else can wait until morning, except alarms and crucial calls. If You Use Google Clock App You Can Use Other Bedtimes features including sleep noises. The process for enabling sleep mode was covered first, then the features it offers and what you get when sleep mode is used in conjunction with the Google Clock app. Mentioned below are the steps to set up and use Bedtime mode on Google Pixel

steps to define up and use Bedtime mode on Google Pixel

Configure sleep mode

Step 1: open yours clock app and you will be able to see the bedtime in the lower right corner. If it’s your first time open the app since the update, there will also be a pop-upup pointing it. Tap it and then tap Start🇧🇷 Step 2: First, the app will want to know what your regular wake-up Time It is. If you don’t have one, press skipbut if you do, put it on and tap to Mark off everyday you don’t want your alarm Go out. Step 3: You have some other options here as well. Sunrise alarm rotates Lights up and slowly illuminates the screen before the alarm goes off, simulating the rising sun and helping your body wake up. Vibrate it’s pretty self explanatory. Step 4: The sound has a little more. You can leave it as the default if you like, or choice from a variety of other pre-set options, but if you really want something special, tap on Spotify, Calm or YouTube Music tabs on the top. They only work if you have both apps installed on your phone and you will need one premium subscription for both too. Step 5: Tap Spotify or YouTube Music tabs to select from Recently Played list or select of Spotify’s own selections to morning alarms🇧🇷 It’s a similar story in the Calm tab and you can select a Recommend or choose a popular track from the Soundscapes menu🇧🇷 Step 6: Finally, you can also set a google assistant routine touching the final option in the list. This allows the Google Assistant to activate as soon as you dismiss the alarm and complete a predefined action. Step 7: For set your bedtimethe app needs to know what time you normally go to bed – again, skip this step if you don’t go to bed at the same time every day, but if you do, feel free to put your usual time here and omit any days when you would not normally adhere to a specific bedtime🇧🇷 Step 8: There are fewer options to choose from here. reminder notification it just lets you know about your next bedtime in advance, but with Android, there’s more to Bedtime Mode. Here you can specify what happens when your bedtime is activated and whether you want it linked to a specific schedule. Step 9: Based on timeline will activate the bedtime between the times you specify, and During charging the bedtime only activates the mode between the specified times when your phone it’s loading. Off is self-explanatory🇧🇷 Step 10: You too start choosing what happens when Bedtime mode is on. Do not disturb will stop the alerts from pinging your phone while Grayscale dims your phone. phone’s in shades of grey, black and white when you should be in bed reminding you not to be in your phone🇧🇷 Step 11: Select whatever it is features appeal to you and touch Done to end your bedtime.

Use Bedtime mode

Step 1: go to the Time to sleep guide on clock appand Press the play symbol in Sleep Sounds. Step 2: Select Choose Other Sound to see your other optionsincluding Spotify, Calm or YouTube Music options if you have all apps installed. Step 3: If you don’t, tap the three dots in the upper-right corner of the Sleep Sounds screen to see an option to install any apps you are missing.

Final Words

We hope you like our article on how to to define up and use Bedtime mode on Google Pixel. To reduce smartphone distractions, Apple has improved its Screen Time feature with a sleep mode. Bedtime mode has finally been added to Google’s Digital Wellbeing program, which actually predates Apple’s version of Screen Time. The new “Bedtime Mode” in Digital Wellness is mainly a rebranding of the previous “Wind Down” feature but is very similar to the corresponding feature on the iPhone.

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