How to Set up and Use WhatsApp on iPad – Guide

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with a billion users and a staggering 65 billion messages sent every day, helping people stay in touch no matter what. The iPad, especially with the keyboard and trackpad attached, offers a great way to browse and send WhatsApp messages, but unfortunately there is no WhatsApp for iPad. This is the end, isn’t it? Incorrect. While there may not be an official WhatsApp app for iPad, there is one way to use WhatsApp on your iPad: WhatsApp Web. Although WhatsApp is working on multi-device support for the popular messaging service, currently you can only use WhatsApp via WhatsApp Web on an iPad. Previously, it was possible to install WhatsApp directly on iPad using a workaround. However, since the release of iOS 9, this method no longer works. Currently, the only way to get WhatsApp on iPad without unlocking your device is by using the web version of WhatsApp known as WhatsApp Web. While the iPad app has not yet been released, it is already possible to use WhatsApp on an “iPad” over the internet, without the need for the iPhone linked to your account to be connected to the internet.

How to To define up and use WhatsApp on iPad

Before, WhatsApp mobile app needed to authenticate an account used on another device, such as a computer, and used a QR code to link a user account to a web browser. While this initial connection is still required, once the connection is established, the phone WhatsApp app hosting is no longer required, which means you can continue using WhatsApp on your “iPad” without needing your smartphone. The following steps will show you how to Link your WhatsApp account to your “iPad” using the service’s new multi-device support, which is currently in beta.

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