How to set up Apple Digital Legacy – Guide

You can determine who has access to your iCloud data after your death using Apple Digital Legacy. It would be a shame that all our images, movies and other digital memories were lost in the sands of time, sealed behind an impenetrable wall of digital protection, after we died. That’s where the Apple Digital Legacy comes in; grants access to your digital data to up to five trusted friends or family members after his death. It was first mentioned in June at WWDC 2021 and, after months of internal testing, it looks like the functionality will be available soon. Here’s everything you need to know about the Apple Digital Legacy, including how to start, how to submit a request and what data your loved ones will have access to.

How to to define up Inherited Contacts

Of course, with functionality still in active development on iOS 15.2 beta for development only, the steps may change by the time it’s deployed around the world. But if you’re on iOS 15.2 beta developer, here it is how to to define up your inherited contacts: Next, you will need to inform your legacy contacts that you chose them and share the passkey generated during setup. The contact will have to accept or decline the invitation before anything else happens. If they accept, and the invitation is shared through the Messaging app, a copy of the passkey is automatically stored in the contact’s Apple ID for easy access later. If, however, the named contact declines the invitation, you will be informed so that you can choose someone else. If you don’t like the idea of ​​your loved ones storing something as valuable as an access key to your data on their smartphones, you also have the option to print the access key, save it as a PDF and protect it with a password or including including a copy with your will. It totally depends on you

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