The additional monitors can be connected via HDMI or DisplayPort. To use your screen for both work and entertainment, you can broaden its access. For an UltraWide seamless display, you can mount two identical displays together or mix and match your screens. If you regularly flip between applications while using your computer, two displays could be advantageous. We mentioned below are the steps to set up Dual Monitors With HDMI.

Steps to set up Dual Monitors With HDMI

Set Up Dual Monitors using HDMI

Step 1: Connect HDMI cables to both monitors and plug the other ends into your computer’s video output or graphics card ports. Step 2: Plug the power cord into an outlet and turn on both monitors. Step 3: Finally, adjust your computer’s display settings so that each monitor displays a different screen portion.

Connect Dual Monitors on Mac

By connecting both displays to your Mac via an HDMI or USB hub, you may begin setting up two monitors on your Mac. Both screens are simultaneously recognized by your Mac. Continue with the multiple monitor configuration after both screens have been turned on. Step 1: Click on the Apple icon at the top. Step 2: Select Displays. Step 3: Two windows will appear on both displays. Step 4: On your Mac’s display, click on Arrangement. Step 5: If you want both screens to display the same things, check the box beside the Mirror Display option; else, uncheck it. Step 6: Arrange the screens on your settings to match their physical positions. Step 7: Click, drag-drop the white bar on the screen where you want the dock.

Connect Dual Monitors on Windows

Step 1: Right-click anywhere on the empty part of your desktop. Step 2: Select Display Settings. Step 3: Click on the Multiple Displays option and select. Step 4: Click on Keep changes. Step 5: For the Extend these display options, go back to the section that says Select and rearrange displays. Step 6: Click and drag around monitor main monitor 1 & new monitor 2 to match their physical arrangement. Step 7: Click Apply.

Final Words

We hope you like our article on how to set up Dual Monitors With HDMI. By altering brightness and hue, you can make your dual monitor experience uniquely yours. Additionally, you are free to select your primary screen; it does not have to be the one on your laptop or desktop. You may see the taskbar, start menu, and other applications on your main screen. By enabling you to run several applications simultaneously on two screens, dual monitors are a terrific way to boost productivity. They can facilitate multitasking by giving you extra screen real estate.

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