How to Set Up Focus on iPad/iPhone – Guide

Apple’s iPhone and iPad are arguably the most popular computing devices on the market today. With each iOS release, Apple introduces new features that let you do more with these devices. Unfortunately, the whole experience also became very upsetting. Most modern apps constantly fight for your attention with repetitive notifications, in addition to the plethora of already annoying calls and texts. Fortunately, Apple took a big step in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 to minimize distractions with the introduction of Focus. feature. the new focus feature on iPhone is an evolution of Apple’s Do Not Disturb and offers more flexibility, control and automation to bring more… Focus into your life. Whether you’re at work or home, driving, exercising, reading, doing creative work, sleeping or anything else, you can create a set of filters that determine how notifications, calls, messages and autoresponders work on your iPhone.

How to to define up Focus on iPhone and iPad

How to to define up a Focus Mode on iPhone and iPad

How to customize the Home screen in focus

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