How To Set Up Greenify Without Root & Save Battery Life on Android – Guide

Some say that the more sophisticated the phone you use, the more expensive the battery. To solve exceptional smartphone battery problems, Greenify is here to make your smartphone battery more efficient. How to use Greenify without root? Is this app effective enough? If you thought that a smartphone battery could be self-sustaining even if you didn’t open the app, then you need to change that thinking. In addition to consuming your internet quota, the application also consumes mobile phone drums. If your smartphone battery is idle, you will need Greenify. Some people may still feel weird when they hear the name Greenify. This is an app that can save your battery life. phone keeping apps that often drain the battery in sleep mode. Greenify will also close apps you are not using and your phone to run lightly. Greenify can be used on Android and iOS. Many Android users who already have rooted smartphones enjoy this app. In fact, Greenify can be run without root. With this app on your smartphone, it is guaranteed that the battery will last longer and the smartphone will have minimal lag.

how to set Up Greenify without root and save battery on Android

Download Greenify

To define Up greenify

hibernate apps

Run ADB commands to get more controls

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