How to set up iCloud to Win­dows 10 File Explor­er – Guide

Apple’s iCloud is a remarkable distributed storage management provided by Apple to users of Apple devices. The reason for iCloud storage is to upload and sync data to the cloud and then progressively share that data with other Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad. You can use iCloud for Windows to get and transfer photos stored in the cloud. Despite the fact that Apple made iCloud explicitly for its users, iPhone users can use a Windows PC to introduce iCloud and later use the iCloud drive for Windows PCs. Photos, records, and bookmarks on your PC are instantly updated on your Apple devices when you use iCloud for Windows. As Apple has distributed several versions of iCloud for Windows, this article will address a similar issue of how iCloud can be installed on a Windows PC.

iCloud for Windows

Here’s why you might want to set up iCloud Drive on your Windows 10 computer. My Photo Stream: Any new photos and videos you make on your iOS devices will be downloaded to your PC. Likewise, photos you add to the My Photo Stream folder on your PC will be accessible on your Apple devices. iCloud Photo Sharing: Lets you share photos and videos with anyone you choose. iCloud Drive: Allows you to store files on Apple’s cloud drive. Just drag your documents into the iCloud Drive folder on your PC and access them anytime, on any device.

To define up iCloud Drive on Windows 10

Settings up and using iCloud on your Windows 10 computer is really easy. Apple provides a version of iCloud Drive that is customized for use on Windows computers.

Make it easy to access iCloud photos

Even if you have installed and configured iCloud on your computer, the iCloud Drive folder remains somewhat buried and is not easily accessible on your computer. Follow the steps below to show iCloud photos up in Windows 10 File Explorer.

Using iCloud Drive

Final note

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