To better understand your drugs, you can even view the information that is accessible about them on the Health app. However, under no circumstances should you utilize the function in place of expert medical judgement. Users may also get alerts if medications they have added to the Health app have the potential to cause serious interactions. The Health app will thus alert you if one of your drugs has the potential to have a serious side effect by interfering with another prescription on your list. Additionally, it will warn of any potential drug-alcohol interactions. However, as of right moment, the interactive function is only accessible in the US. We mentioned below are the steps to set up medication reminders in iOS 16.

Steps to set up medication reminders in iOS 16

Step 1: Open the Health app, tap the Browse tab at the bottom right and scroll down to tap Medications. Step 2:  Tap Add a Medication, start to type in the name, and suggestions should pop up. If you tap the camera icon on the right you can use your camera to scan a medication label. Step 3: Choose the Frequency you need to take each medication by selecting At Regular Intervals, On Specific Days of the Week, or As Needed. Step 4:  You can then set a time of day to take your medicine. If you need to take it multiple times a day, you can continue to tap Add a time to choose different times and doses. Step 5:  Now choose the shape of your medication to make identification easier. Step 6: Finally, you can choose colors for the pill and the background. You can also add an alternative display name and notes. Step 7: Once added, you will see Medications listed in the Health app via Browse > Medications with a timeline along the top and a log of what you need to take each day. You mark off medication as you take it by tapping Taken. Step 8: Under Your Medications you can review consumption and tap Log to add any doses you may have forgotten to log earlier. Tap the time stamp to change it if you need to record something you took earlier. Step 9: If you are finished with a medication and no longer need to take it, you can select it in Your Medications and scroll down to the bottom to Archive Medication or Delete Medication. Step 10: You can also share health data, including medication data, by tapping the Sharing tab in the Health app and selecting Share with Someone.

Final Words

We hope you like our article on how to set up medication reminders in iOS 16. Sadly, it’s all too simple to forget to take your supplements, medications, and vitamins, especially on days when your regular schedule is completely thrown out the window. You may avoid forgetting any doses by adding a brief reminder to your iPhone, which will help you keep on schedule. In the past, getting those medication notifications and alerts required using a third-party app or creating a schedule in the Reminders app. Then stop! Apple included a native medication reminder function to the Health app for iPhones with iOS 16 and watchOS 9 updates.

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