You will never be able to predict a child’s future direction unless you are aware of his interests and how he uses his time when he is not in your presence. Finding a delicate balance is essential when trying to perfect the art of parenting. Due to its straightforward insights and improved management, a powerful parental control tool like Screen Time can simplify your duty in this situation. We have mentioned below the ways to define up parental controls on iPhone.

ways to define up parental controls on iPhone

Steps to Enable Screen Time on Your Kid’s iPhone

Your first action is to set screen time directly on your iPhone. This is a faster way to ensure that you can keep track of your child’s browsing behavior on phone and not turn on Family Sharing initially. If Family Sharing feature is already turned on, restrict your child’s screen time using the family device.

Steps to Enable Screen Time in Family Sharing Section

The purpose of setting downtime is to ensure that children do not play games while studying or sleeping.

Steps to Activate “Ask to Buy” Feature on your child’s iPhone

Parents also want to make sure their kids can’t buy expensive apps worth hundreds of dollars. To top it off, iPhones have the “Ask to buy” feature🇧🇷 you can set up this feature for any child under 18 and is automatically activated for those under 13. Upon activation, Ask to Buy will send an alert to the family organizer’s device displaying the name and price of the app the child is trying to buy. You can approve or deny the request for the family organizer device.

Avoid browsing adult content

You can also set up control to prevent children from playing explicit movies, TV shows or music with adult ratings. You can configure using apps and content with adult ratings. To restrict access to explicit content following the steps below:

Final Words

So here we conclude our article on how to to define up parental controls on iPhone. With the launch of iOS 16, scheduled for the final this year, Apple expands its line of features family friendly. The company is improving Screen Time with a number of improvements, including the ability to respond to requests for more time via messages, among other things, and claims it will now be simpler for parents to set up Apple devices with age-appropriate parental controls and features🇧🇷

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