How to Setup an Xbox One Controller in Ubuntu – Guide

For some time now, the Linux kernel has officially supported the Microsoft Xbox One controller. That said, the support isn’t the greatest. For starters, there are some tweaks that can be made, as well as the ability to support multiple controllers and more. However, some users still want to play games on their Linux distribution such as Ubuntu. Ubuntu might not be the best Linux distribution, but it’s very easy to use and can easily handle some games. Years ago, before Linux games became popular, there was a need to install device drivers for game controllers. These days, with multiple Linux operating systems developed to choose from, the problem is almost non-existent. Unless you are using an older Linux OS for a specific reason (eg hardware compatibility or other issues), there is no need to install drivers for controllers on Linux. To be more specific, let’s how to use alternate driver, patched SteamOS driver, configure controller with specific tools, optimize it, etc. Linux is the least preferred operating system for gaming. Linux should be lightweight and used primarily for security and penetration testing.

How to Set up an Xbox One controller in Ubuntu

Using Xbox DRV

If you want to install XboxDRV driver on Ubuntu, open up a terminal and type the following command: Once the driver is installed, everything must be set primarily up. There is no need to blacklist anything as everything should work right away. However, for XboxDRV to work effectively, some systemd services will need to be enabled. Start by activating the service. This will ensure that XboxDRV works every time you boot right away. Now that it’s enabled, you can start the service so you can use the driver right away. After all this is done, XboxDRV should be operational.

Multiple controllers with Xbox DRV

Remember earlier when we said that the XboxDRV driver is better in some ways? This is the main attraction for this driver. The default driver, while impressive, lacks solid multi-controller support. We cannot confirm that it is not possible; however with XboxDRV this is confirmed to work. Here it is how to prepare up. Start in a terminal and type the following: This is the default configuration file. If you want to add support for multiple controllers, you will need to add the following code to this file. Paste it into “silent=true” in the file. Here is the code: After adding the code, press “Ctrl + O” to save the file and restart the driver: After that, you will be able to use multiple controllers.

Using the patched SteamOS driver

If you are interested in keeping the Xpad driver, you might be interested in Valve’s modified driver. It is fixed up and specialized for Valve’s SteamOS and Steambox consoles. All you need to get started is to add a PPA to your system. During installation, the current driver must be taken out, so don’t worry. Start by adding the PPA: Once the PPA is on your system, you will need to update your system’s software sources. After that install the driver (along with the kernel headers if you don’t already have them): After installing the driver, just restart your machine. From here, you will use the Valve-modified controller driver with your Xbox One controller.

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