How to Setup and Use Commander in Chrome – Guide

If you’ve ever used the Vivaldi browser on a desktop, you might be familiar with Quick Commands feature. This feature allows users to search any function in the web browser. Now Google Chrome has introduced a feature in its construction canary. The new feature it’s called “Commander” and it brings a quick launch interface to the Google Chrome browser. Google Chrome is getting a new feature. It’s called “Commander” and it implements an interface for entering quick commands. See How to enable and use this feature. Chrome Commander feature allows you to quickly open a special command window that lists your recently visited pages (browsing history), bookmark entries and built-in options. Most important here is a search field, where you can enter a search term and quickly access a specific option, bookmark or website. It is also worth noting that this new feature doesn’t replace the recently added Chrome Actions functionality, but it’s a different thing. At this point it is only available in Chrome Canary and is hidden behind a flag. This article will show you how to enable Commander in Google Chrome to access Quick Commands.

Activate Commander feature on Google Chrome

Using Commander feature on Google Chrome

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