How to Setup and use Conversation Boost on AirPods Pro – Guide

Apple is constantly looking for new ways to make its technology accessible and useful to everyone, no matter what the situation. A perfect example of this is Conversation Boost, a feature which can help you hear what other people are saying with the help of some AirPods Pro. Conversation booster is a feature that Apple added to iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. This feature allows people with mild hearing problems to use their AirPods Pro to amplify what the person in front of them is saying. According to Apple, Conversation Boost works thanks to a combination of computer-assisted audio and the beamforming microphones that the AirPods Pro have. This helps people hear better when they have a face-to-face conversation. Keep in mind that this feature is intended for people with mild hearing problems. If you or someone you know has a more serious condition, Conversation Boost feature may not work as well.

How to Set Up and Use Conversation Boost on AirPods Pro

How to to define up conversation impulse

How to turn on and use Conversation Boost

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