How to Share Standard YouTube videos to YouTube child Accounts – Guide

The latest YouTube Kids update gives parents more control over what their kids watch. After a change earlier this year that allowed parents to restrict viewing options to human-reviewed channels only, today YouTube is adding another feature which allows parents to choose any channel or video they want their kids to watch through the app. can be explicitly whitelisted. With manual whitelist feature, parents can access the app’s settings, access their child’s profile and enable the “Approved content only” option. They can choose which videos they want their kids to have access to through the YouTube Kids app. Parents can add videos, channels or channel collections by tapping the “+” button, or they can search for a specific creator or video in this interface. Once this mode is activated, children can no longer search for content. While this is a lot of manual work for parents, it does meet the needs of those with very young children who are not happy with YouTube Kids’ new “Human Rated Channels” filter option as bugs can still get through. A “human-verified” channel means that a YouTube moderator has viewed multiple videos on the channel to determine if the content is generally appropriate and child-friendly, but that doesn’t mean that all videos added later to the channel are added. does not need to be verified by humans.

What is a “Made for Kids” video?

YouTube expects video publishers to mark their channels and videos as “made for kids” when these rules apply. YouTube can also use view reports and machine learning algorithms to identify videos made for children. In others words, video editors manually mark some videos as “children’s content” when they are uploaded. YouTube also automatically marks some videos as “made for kids” without any action from an editor. It’s not just up to content creators or channel owners to have their videos reported.

What Features Are Restricted?

While some of the restrictions, like disabling comments on children’s videos, make sense, other restrictions seem strange when applied to everyone. As Android Police points out, “these rules do not recognize that videos ‘made for children’ can appeal to both children and adults”, degrading the adult user experience of such videos. You will notice this if you try to play a “kids” video and reduce it to the mini player. You will see a message that says “The mini player is disabled for videos made for children”. To watch the video, you must watch it in full screen mode. instead of returning to search results or searching YouTube while watching this video. You also cannot tap the “Save” button button to save the video to a playlist or to watch it later. The “Save” button appears grayed out in these videos, and you’ll see the message “This action is disabled for videos for kids” if you tap it anyway. You can still download a video to watch offline if you have YouTube Premium, but you cannot save it to a playlist. That’s the way it is, and there’s no way around these restrictions at the moment. Even if you’re an adult, you lose access to these basic YouTube videos features while watching videos or listening to music that may appeal to children under 13.

Here is the complete list of features that aren’t available in Google’s “Kids Content” videos:

And if a channel is deemed “made for kids”, these features are not accessible on the channel:

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