How To Share Wi-Fi Password Using QR Codes – Guide

Visiting a friend or inviting a guest might not be a good idea because of the coronavirus pandemic, but if you are visiting a new place or have guests in home, sharing your Wi-Fi password is generally considered a nuisance. Some users still cling to the old-fashioned way of entering passwords, and frankly, you shouldn’t manually type passwords :updated. With Android 10, Android introduced QR code mechanism to share Wi-Fi passwords, and today you are going to learn how to use this feature on your android phone. If you have an Android phone running Android 10 or later, you can use Wi-Fi Alliance’s Wi-Fi Easy Connect protocol to easily share passwords via QR codes. A similar implementation may also be available on older Android phones with certain custom skins like MIUI.

How to share wifi password using QR codes

Scan the code with Android 10

Camera app to scan QR codes

iPhone or iPad with iOS 11

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